5 Tips To Help You Create The Perfect University Student Bedroom

Whether you’re getting ready to start as a first-year Fresher or you’re returning back into your second or final year at university, your bedroom is going to play a really important role in how much you enjoy your uni experience and living away from your parents home. It’s going to be a place where you study, where you relax and it’s also where you’ll be inviting friends (or even a cheeky date!) over to come and hang out. To help you create the perfect student bedroom that you'll be proud to show off to your friends and family, we've put our heads together here at Scratch Posters to give you 5 easy read tips that will help you create the ultimate university student bedroom!

[Tip #1] Create a multifunctional desk space in your room

Alongside going out and having a good time, you’re going to be doing plenty of work when you start university, hopefully! To make sure you're comfortable working in your bedroom, you’ll need a multifunctional desk space that suits your needs and stops you from writing essays and powerpoints in your bed. This is only allowed when you're seriously hung-over. We know that most student bedrooms can be small and will come with a desk included as part of the furniture, which means you won't be able to buy a new one. However, that shouldn't stop you from creating a multifunctional desk space that helps you to be more efficient in your room. We've trawled the internet to find you some amazing clever space saving products. Designed by Ugmonk, this amazing desk tidy has raised nearly £500,000 through a Kickstarter Project! It may be at the top end of a student budget but it will last a lifetime and look super smart on your student desk. At £35, IKEA saves the day once again! This awesome computer stand lifts your screen to a more suitable height but also creates space underneath and in the draws at the side. A super smart piece of kit if you're looking to create a multifunctional desk. By arranging your stuff cleverly and adding a few desk space saving products there should be more than enough room for your laptop or computer, speakers, space for your arts and crafts supplies and even space to write in your books. If you completely fail at creating a multifunctional desk space, you can always go to the library to hang out with the real nerds!   Bonus tip: try and save paper and the cost of buying a printer by using a relatively cheap cloud storage platform such as Google Drive that will let you access files across your devices anytime. More importantly, if you spill a beer on your laptop or have your laptop is stolen, your essays will be safe and sound on the cloud, ready to send to your lecturer.  

[Tip #2] Utilise the space in your room for extra storage

We bet if you're anything like us, your poor parents would have made a few trips back and forth with all your university things from your old house! Now that stuff is all in your student bedroom, it's got to stored somewhere. Besides from a wardrobe, if you've got a small bedroom or are short on storage space you're going to need to utilise the empty spaces as extra storage to store all of your university books, stationery, supplies and so on. To maximise the space in your student bedroom, we've researched a good few products that can help you fit all those shoes, clothes and bits neatly away. Every time you have a can of coke or beer, save the ring pull to double the size of your wardrobe! This amazing upcycling tip will help you to store more clothes and is practically free. Simply add the ring pull to your clothes hangers to start maximising your wardrobe space. Girls...if you've got lots of shoes, scarves and belts, this storage holder is a must-have for your student bedroom! At just £5 from IKEA, it's a great way to store all those accessories and shoes, neatly in your wardrobe. Don't forget about the empty storage under your desk and bed - it's always good to have more storage than you need! This usually goes to waste but if filled with storage, it's a great way to maximise storage space for your books and supplies! For as little as £10, you can add valuable storage space under your student room bed to store extra bedding, clothes and shoes. If your university is close to an IKEA, pop in a pick up some under storage products (of course, ask the parents to buy!)  

[Tip #3] Don't forget to decorate your bedroom walls

No one likes staring at plain boring walls, especially if they are covered with that horrible woodchip wallpaper (like so many students pads are!). So, why not get some decorations to fill the space? Show off your own style and fill your room with the things you love. There are countless, relatively cheap products you could buy to spice up your student bedroom walls, so here are a couple of examples to get the creative juices flowing.   Battery operated fairy lights - we're not talking about those 'twinkle twinkle little star' lights you had as a kid, we're talking about those awesome grown-up battery operated fair lights for adults that now come in a range of designs from flamingoes and pineapples to rabbits and emojis! Fairy lights are a great way to add something unique and personalised to your room and are not too expensive if you shop around. One of the best uses for fairy lights is to make them border special posters or decorations. You could even intertwine them across your headboard and use them as cute night lights. These cute flamingo fairy lights from ASOS are perfect above your bed or desk space - plus at just £8 with free delivery, they're a bargain! And, at just £12.99 these 20 LED white rose battery fairy lights by www.lights4fun.co.uk will brighten up any student bedroom. Why not hang them above your window or around the old fireplace you may have in your room?   Scratch posters & world maps - posters and wall maps are great, but let’s kick it up a notch with scratch posters, even better, our scratch posters and maps! Our scratch posters and maps look stunning on any wall, they’re a lot of fun and definitely add a unique interactive decoration that even your visitors can take part in. From 101 things to do before your graduate poster and 101 festivals you must visit to scratch maps of the world and Europe, simply scratch off to reveal the illustrations and countries as you go! Designed in the UK and printed on innovative and durable scratch paper our posters will add some colour to your boring student bedroom walls. Best of all, we offer FREE UK DELIVERY on every order! Why not pin one of our new maps of the world scratch posters on your wall and get inspired about where to go travelling during your next summer break? You can view our full range of scratch maps & poster here.  

[Tip #4] Invest in entertainment you can share

When you invite your friends over during term time, you’re going to want some fun and have access to entertainment that doesn't cost the earth! If you've bought a games console such as an Xbox or PlayStation to uni, don't forget to persuade your parents to buy you a second controller so you can play multiplayer games with your housemates - university just wouldn't be complete unless you play the FIFA drinking game. Wireless Bluetooth speakers are another great gadget that you can share with your friends and enjoy at parties - no more wires and hunting for power plugs! If you're lucky enough to have a television in your lounge or bedroom, you can buy a HDMI cable to attach to your laptop which then plugs into the TV to enjoy movies with friends without crowding around a laptop screen - you can find these on Amazon from around £5.99. If you want to add extra functionality, then get yourself a Chromecast from £30 or an Amazon TV stick so you can stream content from Netflix, YouTube and other services even easier on a big screen.  

[Tip #5] Make your bed the centrepiece to your room

And lastly, let’s not forget about your student bed - after all, it's the place you will most probably spend most of your university experience! Take the time to make it the centrepiece of your student bedroom (even if it's tucked to one side). A few cushions, a blanket and toys if you have any, will make it feel super cosy. You'll most likely have bedding your mum has given you and hand-me-downs but, personalising your bed can add the final finishing touch to creating the perfect student room. To jazz up your room and make it personal to you, why not make custom printed cushions or bedding to give your room a decorative kick - they could be your favourite photos of holidays, friends, family or even your boyfriend/girlfriend. Whatever you choose, it’s sure to make you feel less homesick and make your new bedroom feel a bit more like a home away from home. Oh, be a good student and don't forget to wash them!   For as little as £20, you could create your own personalised cushion cover - simply upload your photo onto websites such as www.findmeagift.co.uk or www.my-picture.co.uk. If you've got a slightly bigger budget for your student bedroom, you could splash out on a fully personalised bedding set, much like the photo above from websites such as www.bagsoflove.co.uk or photoblankets.co.uk.   There you have it! 5 easy read, simple tips to help you create the perfect student bedroom at university. If you're a first-year Fresher, we hope you settle quickly into your new university life away from home and enjoy the late nights and beans on toast by term two. We wish all the second and third-year students the best of luck with their studies this year - keep your heads down and aim for that 1st Class degree! This blog is not for commercial purposes at all, all the links added have been genuinely researched to help our readers and students who are looking to create an amazing student bedroom they can be proud of. Study hard, Party harder!


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