Top 10 things To Do When You Retire [INFOGRAPHIC]

When you’ve reached retirement age it’s no excuse to put your feet up in front of the TV, it’s the perfect time to get out and have new experiences. If you’re looking for something to add to your diary that you’ll fondly be able to look back on, we’ve got ten incredible retirement activity ideas for you to tick off and start planning right away!  


Is there a better way to celebrate being retired than with an activity that will get your pulse racing? You might balk at the idea of a skydive but we promise it’ll leave you feeling exhilarated and on top of the world once you’ve got your feet back on solid ground. Tempted? Read this blog post about the top ten places in the world to go skydiving!  


Keep your mind and hands active throughout retirement by learning a musical instrument. Channelling their inner musician is an ambition for many people but work, family life, and other commitments means it gets pushed down the list of priorities. With more time to indulge your passions, you just need to decide on an instrument. Save on musical lessons...videos on Youtube now offer the ability for you learn for free in the comfort of your own home!  


Doing good is proven to boost your mood in an instant! Why not support a worthy cause that’s close to your heart? When it comes to raising money for charity you can tie it to your passions too. From a cake sale filled with delicious homemade delights to an active challenge, there’s plenty of opportunities to put your individual stamp on this one. If you're raising money for a charity, GoFundMe & JustGiving offer fantastic individual donation pages.  


Explore a whole new world by taking a dip under the big blue sea. Going scuba diving in a stunning, tropical location will be a highlight. Surrounded by beautiful fish and breath-taking seascapes, it’s an experience like no other – you’ll want to strap on your flippers again in no time at all. Inspired to take a dive? Check out the world's best scuba locations of all time.  


The music scene is thriving across the globe and no matter your personal tastes you’ll be able to find an incredible band to see live. From rock to folk, music venues have an incredible atmosphere for you to sit back and enjoy the performance. Whether you pick a much-loved band you’ve been listening to for years or an up and coming talent, seeing a live band will be a night to remember. Why not make a weekend of it and go all out to a music festival? You can read all about the UK's must-visit music festivals here.  


If you’re not a lover of fast and thrilling rides, you ought to give them a chance at least once! Strapping into a rollercoaster ride could convert you to an adrenaline junkie, it’s a great experience and there are hundreds to try out. Why not try the rollercoaster challenge - how many of these rides can you tick off the list?  


When it comes to travelling there’s no place like New York. The city that never sleeps has something to offer every type of traveller. If you’re looking for a thriving metropolitan destination, the Big Apple is a must, you’ll be able to climb the Empire State, watch a Broadway show, and soak up some culture.  


While we’re on the subject of travel, why not visit multiple holiday destinations in style with a cruise. Checking onto a luxurious cruise is often high on the list of things to do for recent retirees. If you’re eager to spend days at sea and exploring locations around ports, along with incredible on-board entertainment and food, what are you waiting for?  


Craft beers are having something of a revival at the moment and it’s a trend that you can turn your hand to. Brewing beer at home is pretty simple with the help of a kit and, of course, sampling your creation is ONLY going to be fun. If beer’s not your drink of choice, you could try wine, cider, or another beverage as an alternative. Love Brewing offer some awesome brew your own beer at home kits that will get you started in no time at all!  


Unleash your adventurous side and go skinny dipping. If the thought of skinny dipping fills you with dread, find some fellow thrill-seeking retirees for encouragement. Why not get involved in The Great British Skinny Dip?  
top 10 things to do when you retire infographic
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