The Ultimate Guide to Becoming a Romantic

Being romantic isn’t always easy. With everything that we’ve all got going on in our lives, it’s inevitable that sometimes you take the one you love for granted. Maybe you can’t remember the last time you did something romantic together; maybe it’s time to change that. But what sort of romantic gestures can help you become the ultimate romantic? We've created three romantic levels for you to work through. Don't go thinking you can jump start to being Brad Pitt!  

Romantic Level One – Be more Austin Powers

If you’re a novice to this idea of romantic gestures, start by thinking big like the scene where Austin Powers danced for the fembots! The chances are, you’re either in a new relationship or you’re trying to inject some romance into a long-standing relationship that might be a drooping a little. Either way, drastic measures are called for.
  Think of something that’s within your budget yet out of the realms of your everyday lives together. In other words, do something different. If you’re both outdoorsy enough to cope with it, plan a surprise camping weekend or, if a city break is more your style, go for that. Try and find something that’s beyond your comfort zone and will give you some fond memories to look back on. A theme park or a concert might just do the trick. Remember, though, the key to being romantic is to find something that your other half will enjoy or at least enjoy trying. Romance begins and ends with your partner.  

Romantic Level Two – Upgrade to James Bond

After the big gestures, what are you left with? Hopefully, a relationship that is infused with love and affection. The trick is to keep it that way. Fortunately, there are some tricks of the trade you can utilise to keep the romance flowing. It's time to upgrade to be more like James Bond with sophistication at every turn.
  Unusual occurrences help keep a relationship fresh, so be on the lookout for things you can do close to home that will maintain the spark. For instance, romantic walks are vastly underrated, especially at this time of year. But what can keep you warmer than holding hands as you walk through a park and feed the ducks? Spending time together out of the house ensures that you’re spending quality time together. This is crucial if you’re living together, maybe if you have kids, and your romance is easily drowned out by the other aspects of your life.  

Romantic Level Three – Graduate your way to being Brad Pitt

You may think this is backwards, but the ultimate romantic knows something the novice doesn’t know – romance is all about the little things in life. If you want to become a romantic extraordinaire, you have to start looking at the everyday opportunities for romance. It's time to graduate to Brad Pit level.
  Romance is found in the small actions you take every day. Treat the other to a massage to alleviate a bad spell at work or have a go at helping the other out in the kitchen (even if you’re rubbish at it). Put down the technology when you’re trying to have a romantic night in or go to the supermarket together when it’s nobody’s favourite thing to do. Just remember, ultimate romantics, that romance is forever, not just for a day or weekend at a time.   If you’re struggling for ideas to elevate you through the romantic ranks, there’s no need to worry. Scratch Posters have the ideal tool to help you along – check out our 51 Romantic Activities Scratch Off Poster to help you get inspired. With rankings from one love ❤ (easy) up to five ❤ (more complicated), you’ll find a romantic gesture that suits your need and budget!   Happy Valentine's Day! Scratch Posters x


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