101 Things To Do Before You Graduate Scratch Poster

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  • Every student needs this poster!
  • 101 things to do before you graduate Scratch Poster
  • Innovative scratch paper technology
  • Perfect gift for students 
  • Made from high-quality poster paper
  • Scratch to reveal your activities 
  • Includes x 2 pop-out scratch tools
  • Poster Size (A1)

Every student needs this poster!

Mark all your classic milestones along the way with the “101 things to do before you graduate poster”. Whether it be Beer Pong or Misplacing a Traffic Cone, capture the event in time, as you scratch your way through 101 (mis)adventures that will define your student life forever, revealing the colourful illustrations below. The more you scratch off, the more colourful the poster becomes! Being a student is an experience all in itself, but why not make sure you tick off every experience possible with this scratch poster? There’s something for everyone with this collection of 101 things you need to do before your graduation. Some of them undeniably involve alcohol – but you can probably substitute them if you can’t hold your liqueur. There are some things on this poster that are likely to happen without you intending them to. Road trips can happen on a whim, just like dancing on the tables at a bar. At least you’ll have something to scratch off when you get back to your room! This also makes a brilliant present for someone just heading off to university. Parents might be reluctant to give their children any further ideas about what to do with their freedom, but this list doesn’t just offer up entertaining challenges – it also highlights intellectual ones too. Encouraging them to volunteer or join a random society could be the best thing this poster suggests they do. Going to university is often scarier than any young person would dare admit. Giving them a list of things to do might actually ease their path, and it’ll look very good on their wall. This scratch poster is built to survive even student life. We use high quality paper and innovative scratch paper technology to assemble durable posters that will look great for longer. If you want to be really nice, buy them one of our frames to go with it!

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