101 Things To Do With The Family Scratch Poster

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  • Stuck for ideas for things to do with the kids?
  • 101 ideas for activities and games ranging from educational to sporting though playing and creative tasks
  • Innovative scratch paper technology
  • Perfect gift for families 
  • Made from high-quality poster paper
  • Scratch to reveal the activities
  • Includes x 2 pop-out scratch tools
  • Poster Size (A1)

This poster is a must have for any parent!

Stuck for ideas for things to do with the kids?  Looking for a way to record what you have been up to? The Family Poster offers 101 ideas for activities and games ranging from educational to sporting though playing and creative tasks. Ideas that are sometimes free, often challenging and always easy to put in place. Get your child to choose something that they want to do – rain or shine – and spend the time with them making it happen. Once the activity is completed, scratch off to reveal the colourful illustration below. The more you scratch off, the more colourful the poster becomes! Your kids will love it. Every idea involves family play – none of them involve a watching a screen… Just to give you a taster of the type of adventures you’ll be having, how do you like the sound of building a sandcastle together or creating your family tree? Maybe you’ll choose to go to the circus first or go on a family tree. Whichever activities you and the kids decide to try first, you’ll have a lot of family fun together. Bonding time will be guaranteed, especially if you fall over while roller skating and the rest of the family laughs at you. This is the perfect present for a grandparent to give to a family. It helps them get out of their comfort zone and explore things that they might not otherwise have considered. If they don’t naturally choose to go to museums or famous landmarks, it can prove to be a nice history lesson for the whole family. Equally, if they’re not very outdoorsy, this activity poster can get them outside sledging or picnicking. There’s something for every time of year too, so you don’t have to worry about only having activities to do during the summer. The Family Poster is made from the same high quality paper as the rest of our scratch poster collection, and it’s also made utilising our innovative scratch paper technology. This means the poster will last as long as it takes to get every single item scratched away!

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