Holiday Map Of The World Scratch Off Poster

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  • Extra large & Colourful Scratch Map of the World Poster
  • Scratch to reveal your holiday adventures
  • Made from durable laminated paper with scratchable silver layer
  • Scratch the colourful countries & places off as you visit
  • Larger countries are divided in regions, states and provinces
  • Perfect gift for holiday adventurers and explorers
  • Close up of Europe for better visibility
  • Large format poster (60 x 80cm)

Bring your holiday memories and adventures to life!


Bring your holiday memories to life with this amazing holiday world map scratch poster. Simply scratch the innovative silver layer to reveal the countries and cities that you have visited. Every country you reveal is brightly coloured, giving you a powerful visual of where you’ve travelled so far (and where you still need to go). It’s the ideal gift for travel lovers, whether that makes it a gift for yourself or a poster gift for someone else. You could even buy two and have a travelling contest!


We’ve really covered everything with this poster. For instance, the scratch map has a close-up section of Europe to make it easier for you to scratch off your adventures! There are so many countries to explore in Europe that we’d hate you to miss any because they were too small to scratch away. The same applies to countries with large regions, provinces or states – you don’t want to miss a thing, so you can scratch away individual areas instead of whole countries. That gives you plenty of ideas for your next trip!


Our holiday scratch map is the perfect way to add some colour and fun to your boring bedroom walls and will always be there to remind you of your amazing holiday adventures. Or why not put it somewhere prominent in your home and show off your travelling experience? At the very least, this scratch post can encourage you to get that next holiday booked quickly.


Our holiday map poster makes the perfect poster gift for yourself or avid world explorer friends and family. Made from durable laminated paper with an innovative silver scratchable layer, the poster has been designed to last and be used! Scratch and reveal the colourful map to show your friends your worldwide adventures. It’s a large format poster (60cm x 80cm) and is packaged in a high-quality poster tube with instructions inside

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