51 Random Acts Of Kindness Scratch Posters

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  • 51 Random Acts of Kindness Scratch Poster
  • Innovative scratch paper technology
  • Feel good gift for your friends
  • Made from high-quality poster paper
  • Scratch to reveal your acts of kindness
  • Includes x 2 pop-out scratch tools
  • Poster Size (A2)

Random acts of kindness make the world go round!

This fun poster lists 51 exciting random acts of kindness ranging from buying someone flowers to giving blood! As you complete the activities, the more colourful the poster becomes. This is a real “feel good” poster which you will be proud to tell everyone about. Doing things for others is something that we all enjoy. It gives us a nice sense of fulfilment at the same time as helping someone else. We’ve taken 51 of the best ways to be spontaneously kind to people. You never know how much impact one small act of kindness is going to have on someone’s day, so why not buy this poster and aim to complete it within a year? Some things on this list, you probably already do in your life and so you’ll be able to scratch those panels off quickly. Maybe you regularly donate to a foodbank or give blood when you can. However, there are plenty of others that perhaps haven’t crossed your mind. For instance, have you ever left a note on a napkin for a waiter after you’ve enjoyed a meal or planted a tree? All the random acts of kindness waiting to be scratched away are primarily based on you giving up your time. It doesn’t take much to take a group photo for someone, but it might mean plenty to them in the long term. As well as being a great poster to buy for yourself, this scratch poster is a great gift for someone who likes helping others. It’s also a nice reminder from you to them that you think their kind nature is a good thing! The 51 Random Acts of Kindness Scratch Poster is made from high quality paper that will look beautiful on any wall for a long time. We use our innovative scratch technology to deliver a deceptively simple scratch experience that doesn’t damage the poster underneath. Our posters are a perfect addition to any home.

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