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100 Things To Do Scratch Off Bucket List Poster

Regular price £11.95
  • 101 Bucket List Scratch Poster
  • Innovative scratch paper technology
  • Perfect gift for anyone planning their next adventure!
  • Made from high-quality poster paper
  • Scratch to reveal your activities
  • Poster Size (A2)

100 things to do on your bucket list!

If you’re looking for your next adventure (or you know someone who is) this is the ideal poster for you! On each silver square, you’ll find something exciting and different to try. Then, once you’ve completed that challenge, simply scratch off the square and reveal your winning colourful square. Your goal, if you choose to accept it, is to scratch off every square and complete the poster. Some of the challenges on this scratch poster don’t need much planning and others really do. For instance, if you’re looking for a quick win, you could always attack the “Write Poetry”, “Eat Alone at a Restaurant” or “Fly a Kite” squares. For other squares, you might need to plan out specific trips to specific locations. You probably won’t be able to “Ride a Zipline” in your back garden or “Go Scuba Diving” on a whim, but they’re something to work towards. You could spend a lifetime ticking things off this bucket list and have a host of fantastic experiences to recount at the end of it all. Whether you plan on keeping this poster for yourself or giving it as a gift, it opens up a whole world of possibilities for the adventurous and helps you set goals. As you scratch off every silver square, you’ll reveal a striking, colourful reminder of your experience and that should spur you on to the next big adventure. All our posters are designed to be durable and this one needs to last a long time to give you chance to scratch every item from your bucket list. It’s made from high quality poster paper that doesn’t disintegrate as you scratch away each square and retains its brilliant colour throughout its lifetime. We even offer a frame that perfect fits this poster size, allowing you to mount the poster and show off to all your friends and family. They’ll soon want one of their own, so that’s their next birthday presents sorted out!

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