Scratch Map Oceans Of The World Poster

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  • Colourful World Map Scratchable Poster
  • Map poster highlights oceans of the world
  • Made from durable laminated paper with scratchable silver layer
  • Scratch the world countries & places off as you visit
  • Larger countries are divided in regions, states and provinces
  • Perfect gift for world travellers or ocean explorers
  • Close up of Europe for better visibility
  • Large format poster (60 x 40cm)

The perfect gift for any avid world explorer!

Add some colour and fun to your boring bedroom walls with our oceans of the world scratchable map poster. Simply scratch and reveal the countries as you visit – the perfect poster gift for yourself or avid world explorer friends and family. Our oceans scratchable map is popular because it combines the holiday scratch poster basics with a rich ocean background that celebrates the whole planet. That makes it a brilliant gift someone who loves travel, but also has an interest in sustainable travel and looking after the planet. The ocean illustrations also add a little vibrancy to the background, making it a beautiful poster even before you start scratching off the countries you’ve visited. As well as listing oceans and seas across the world, this scratchable map doesn’t miss out on any of the countries you should visit. It includes a close-up map of Europe to ensure that you can scratch off the smaller nations like Luxembourg and Belgium. For large countries with states or regions like the USA, Brazil and Russia, the scratchable elements are broken down into those elements. If you’re trying to visit as many regions of the Americas as possible, this might be the map for you! All out posters have been developed with the utmost care and attention. We know that posters like this can and should last a lifetime, so we’ve been careful to use only quality materials that will withstand life on your wall. Made from durable laminated paper with an innovative silver scratchable layer, our posters have been designed to be used! Scratch and reveal the colourful map to show your friends your worldwide adventures. Packaged in a high-quality poster tube with 15 interesting world adventures printed on it, this scratch map is a great motivator to encourage you to get out there and explore the world – just like you’ve always wanted to.

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