51 Smoothies Scratch Wall Poster

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  • 51 Tasty Smoothies Scratch Poster
  • FREE 51 smoothies recipe booklet
  • Innovative scratch paper technology
  • Perfect gift for smoothie mad friends
  • Made from high-quality poster paper
  • Scratch to reveal your smoothies
  • Includes x 2 pop-out scratch tools
  • Poster Size 59.4cm x 42cm

51 smoothies you're going to love!

There is no better way to enjoy healthy foods on the hoof than as a smoothie. This fun poster lists 51 great smoothie ideas ranging from the fruity to the insane. As you make them, simply scratch away the outline of the drink to reveal the colour illustration below. Drink yourself to well-being, expanding your taste buds in the process. It’s easy to get stuck in a smoothie rut. Sometimes, it takes so long to find a smoothie combo that you’re happy with (and where the flavours are effectively balanced) that you might be reluctant to give any other smoothies a shot. That’s where this scratch poster comes in really useful. It delivers 51 great smoothie recipes that will tickle your taste buds in different ways. Some are designed for healthy eaters like the Cleansing Stallion and Detox Me, while others are filling for a nice meal on the go. Some are just plain fruity, allowing you to enjoy beautiful fruit blended together brilliantly. These recipes don’t just stick to the ordinary bananas, strawberries and apples though. How would you like try Cauliwobble Cure for breakfast or Harvest Supreme later in the day? The 51 Smoothies Poster also makes a fantastic gift for the fitness-lover in your life. If they’re looking for energy boosts or to improve their digestive health, there are specific smoothies labelled for that. Equally, if they’re just trying to increase their fruit and vegetable intake in an enjoyable way, this poster’s the one for them. Perhaps the best thing about this scratch poster is how fantastic it looks once you’ve scratched off all the panels. Attached to your kitchen wall, it can then serve as a reminder of all the brilliant smoothies there are to have every day of the week. It’s practically a recipe book in itself, just hung on your wall waiting to offer inspiration. You’ll never be lost for a smoothie recipe again with this scratch poster in your home.

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