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100 Albums Scratch Off Bucket List Poster

Regular price £11.95
  • 100 albums you need to listen to in your lifetime
  • Innovative scratch paper technology
  • Ideal gift for someone in your life who loves their music
  • Made from high-quality poster paper
  • Scratch to reveal your albums and plot out your musical journey for the year ahead
  • Poster Size (A2)

100 albums to get you on the dance floor and moving those hips!

Music lovers everywhere will get a kick out of this bucket list scratch poster that highlights 100 albums you need to listen to in your lifeti me, whatever genres you prefer. This scratch poster makes the ideal gift for someone in your life who loves their music, but it’s also the ideal gift for you if you’re looking to broaden your musical horizons. There’s so much music in the world that it’s easy to miss out on some of the masterpieces. Maybe they’re not in a genre you particularly follow or perhaps you’re too young to remember them the first time around and need a little historical music education. Whatever your reason for buying this scratch poster, you’ll find 100 albums on here that could very easily change your life. Every genre and era you can think of are covered by this poster. You can swing along with Frank Sinatra and his Songs for Swingin’ Lovers! one day and rock out with Green Day’s American Idiot the next. As long as you’re open to expanding your musical knowledge, this poster’s for you. Miles Davis, The Beatles, Kayne West, Luciano Pavarotti – all are ready and waiting to be explored and enjoyed. All our scratch posters are made of high quality poster paper and utilise our innovative scratch paper technology. What we aim for is a long-lasting memorial to your musical quest, so you’re left with a quality colourful poster that hangs beautifully in your home and provides a talking point (and a reminder of your personal challenge). Music brings the world together and it’s universal. Staying within familiar genres is comfortable but taking those few steps outside and enjoying the delights of something unfamiliar can be enthralling. Use this scratch poster to plot out your musical journey for the year ahead and just maybe you’ll discover music you never knew you liked.

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