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100 Box Sets Scratch Bucket List Poster

Regular price £11.95
  • 100 of the best box sets around to keep you bingeing in front of the television 
  • Innovative scratch paper technology
  • Perfect gift for anyone hooked on quality television
  • Made from high-quality poster paper
  • Scratch to reveal a gorgeous, colourful assembly of icons related to the shows
  • Poster Size (A2)

100 TV series to keep you entertained!

Have you got a friend dedicated to quality box sets? Or are you looking for your next fix? Either way, this poster lists 100 of the best box sets around to keep you bingeing in front of the television for a long time to come. If you think you’ve got nothing to learn about good television, stretch your horizons and challenge yourself to complete the 100 Box Sets Bucket List. One of the best things about this poster is that it brings the best of television on both sides of the Atlantic together. Along with American blockbuster series that trip off the tongue like 24 and Mad Men, you’ll find sophisticated British dramas like The Crown and Downton Abbey. Nor is it all about the drama – Father Ted, Family Guy and Blackadder are just three of the comedy box sets to scratch off your list. Whether you’re searching for spooky or surreal from your next box set, this scratch poster has plenty of ideas to take you out of your comfort zone. Our scratch posters will be lifelong friends. Once you’ve completed the “bucket list” and finished all the box sets, you’ll reveal a gorgeous, colourful assembly of icons related to the shows. Everything from the Tardis representing Doctor Who through to the coffee cup signifying Gilmore Girls. This poster is an eye-catching talking point for any room, and the perfect gift for anyone hooked on quality television. All our posters are made from high quality poster paper designed to last. The innovative scratch paper technology removes the silver squares leaving no trace or residue and the whole poster is artfully and lovingly assembled. They fit brilliant in one of our poster frames so, whether it’s a gift for you or someone else, you can make it a special treat.

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