100 BUCKET LIST KAMASUTRA Edition Scratchable Poster

100 BUCKET LIST KAMASUTRA Edition Scratchable Poster

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  • Stylish accessory for the bedroom
  • 100 exciting sexual positions to scratch and reveal
  • Poster Size: 60cm x 40cm
  • Made from high quality paper
  • Utilises innovative scratch paper technology
  • Great gift for hens and stags

Tired of the classic, but too embarrassed to Google?

Spice up your sex life with this sultry Kamasutra poster designed to put the oomph back into your private life. As well as being a brilliant purchase for couples to buy together for the purposes of experimentation and excitement, it’s also a great gift for the right couple, including to those celebrating hen and stag nights. For all couples, sexual experimentation is a must. It helps liven up relationships and means that you’re discovering new things about each other. It can be fun in several ways, not least because some sexual positions can test muscles you don’t normally use during sex. This bucket list scratch poster gives you some new ideas for the bedroom which will help your relationship take the next step in sexual pleasure. Our scratch posters are all made from high quality paper and utilise our innovative scratch paper technology, ensuring that your Kamasutra poster will stand the test of time. Each icon has a teaser image wrapped around the scratch area, so scratching off the icon will complete the image – a perfect way to whet your appetite about what’s to come. There’s also a little strip at the top of the poster allowing you to identify which position has been the hottest, the hardest and the most fun. These posters make fantastic gifts for the liberally-minded couple. Why not give one away as an anniversary present to some friends or present it at a hen or stag party just prior to their big day? You might receive a few blushes for your troubles, but it’ll be a present they can use again and again. The goal of a bucket list poster is, of course, to complete the list. The Kamasutra scratch poster may take some practice, but we think you’ll have fun trying to scratch every position from the poster. Hang it in the bedroom for a nightly reminder that it’s time to try something new and exciting.

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