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CLEARANCE - 101 Cocktails Scratchable Poster

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Perfect for cocktail crazy friends!

This scratch poster brings a bit of fun and colour to any boring bedroom wall! Scratch off the innovative scratch layer to reveal the most popular 101 cocktails. Keep a record of all the cheeky cocktails you drink from Mojitos to Star & Stripes and Pina Coladas! Are you one of those people who picks one cocktail and sticks to it for a year? Then this poster is for you. It’s designed to help you test your taste buds on some of the world’s best cocktails. We can’t guarantee you’ll like them all, but you’re definitely going to discover some gems amongst these 101 options. It’s a brilliant idea for groups of friends – if you don’t fancy the idea of a weekly book group, how about a weekly cocktail group? It can be called strictly educational as you’re expanding your horizons, just not in the literary sense. Please don’t try all the cocktails at once though – remember to drink responsibly! A great gift idea for anyone that enjoys making & drinking cocktails, this scratch poster can be given as a quirky birthday present. It could even be a thoughtful yet tongue-in-cheek wedding present for an unsuspecting couple. Whoever you give it to, they’ll be in for a treat as they find some cocktails that even the most avid connoisseur probably hasn’t heard of. Afterwards, they have the pleasure of scratching the panel from the poster and starting again. They’re left with a beautiful and colourful reminder of their cocktail-drinking adventures. The 101 Cocktails Scratch Poster has been designed to last. We only use quality paper to print our designs on, knowing that this paper is the only type that works in tandem with our innovative scratch paper technology. You can also buy this poster in tandem with our special magnetic frame that gives you access to the poster’s scratch panels without leaving the corners and edges open to damage. This poster will be with you for a long time – far longer than it takes to sample all the wonderful cocktails it lists.


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