Glow In The Dark Star Constellation Map Poster

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A must-have map for every aspiring astrologer!

Did you know The Milky Way contains over 200 billion stars? Well, with our new amazing astrology poster you can now have them all on your wall! Beautifully designed for the every day stargazer, this map of the stars in the night sky also glows in the dark. Printed on high-quality glow in the dark laminated paper, this constellation star map comes as a large 60cm x 80cm format poster. Our star map of the sky is the perfect gift for aspiring astrologers, stargazers and night sky lovers. Simply hang the poster on the wall or ceiling and start studying the starry night and the endless universe we live in! No matter how old they are, budding astrologers will adore this map. It could be a fantastic gift for a child who has already expressed an interest in the stars. It gives them something to fall asleep thinking about and will help keep their interest alive. Equally, adults with a love of the stars will be able to keep the constellations with them even when they’re indoors. If you live in a climate where clear skies are rare and opportunities for true stargazing are few and far between, this constellation map is even better. For those interested in the constellations and astrology, this poster highlights the zodiac star sign constellations for you to investigate deep within the poster design. You can even personalise the poster by adding your name and Zodiac sign at the bottom of the map. Amazingly clear and crisp during the day, this poster comes to life at night when the lights go out and the star patterns light up! Packaged in a high-quality and sturdy poster tube with planets and the solar system illustrations printed on it, this glow in the dark star constellation wall map makes the perfect gift for anyone who loves star gazing and investigating what really is out there in our wonderful universe!

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