Map of the World With Letters Scratch Off Poster

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  • Travel map of the world with letters poster 
  • Highlights countries with colourful text font
  • Made from durable laminated paper with scratchable silver layer
  • Scratch off each text country as you visit
  • Perfect poster gift for world explorers & travellers
  • Scratch off to reveal the colorful countries text below
  • Includes: world sticker pack, scratch tool and 4 pins
  • Large format map (80 x 60cm)

Colourful scratch map of the world with letters!

Why do world maps always have to look the same? We’ve taken a new approach to how we have designed this letter scratch world map by outlining the countries with colourful scratch text! Our scratch map of the world with vibrant text has a unique silver scratch-off layer – simply scratch and reveal the countries as you visit around the globe. The more countries you visit, the brighter and more colourful you scratch map will become. Perfect for office or bedrooms walls, this scratch map of the world is a great way to remember your holidays and is sure to inspire your next travelling adventure. This unique travel scratch map is perfect for anyone who likes something a little out of the ordinary. In fact, it’s a perfect gift for a literary traveller, pulling together two great loves into one great poster. You’ll love the attention to detail too, from the Spanish guitar icon through to the cactus tree in Mexico. It’s a map you can look at and continue to find new things to entrance you. That should keep you busy between adventures! It’s a stylish map too, with a black background that allows the scratched colours to burst vividly from the wall. It looks great in its unscratched state too, with the silver scratch layer just waiting to be revealed. If you’re looking for something a little different to traditional travel maps, this might be the one you’ve been waiting for, whether it’s a gift for yourself or a gift for someone else. Like all our posters, quality comes as standard. Packaged in a high-quality and sturdy poster tube that’s covered in interesting world travel facts, our world letter scratch map poster makes the perfect gift for friends and family who love to keep memories and travel the world on holiday at a time. Have you seen our other amazing world travel scratch maps?

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