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Special for a young space explorer!

Mark out the passing of time with this spectacular growth chart that’s just perfect for any young space explorer. They can keep track of their own height on a funky chart and learn about space while they’re doing it. That’s a great win-win, making this a fantastic gift for any boy or girl who loves space and has a little growing to do. Colour and design matters more for kids than anyone else. If they’re going to pay attention to something, it needs to catch their eye, and that’s where this Space Adventures growth chart really comes into its own. Not only is it a colourful chart that will make them excited about growing and scratching their height off on the chart, it also includes 25 space accessories and fun facts about space to invigorate their imaginations. Whether you’re looking for a gift for your child, a grandchild, a niece, nephew or a friend’s child, this is a thoughtful gift that also has a practical purpose too. This growth chart is designed to last. It’s made from flexible plastic and comes complete with glue dots for easy assembly. A pack of stickers is included, allowing either adults or children to write the date a certain height was achieved. It’s a brilliant and innovative way of tracking height that really gets the kids involved in the process and it can also then be kept as a memento by the family to remember that period in your family life. Space-themed accessories included with the growth chart include the rocket (attach it to the top as a goal to aim for) and a space explorer who can make the journey up the chart with your little space cadet. As well as that, there are planets, stars and asteroids, making every day with this chart a space adventure of its own. They’ll enjoy brightening up their room and you get a lasting reminder of how quickly they can grow. Caution! Contains small parts. This is not a toy and only to be used under adult supervision.